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Property LocationParcel No#Tax SaleMinimum BidAssessmentRegister GIS
356 VANCE Memphis, TN 005015000002501602Not Available$1,600.00Click here
267 VANCE Memphis, TN 005022000000401602Not Available$5,680.00Click here
0 HERNANDO Memphis, TN 005023000001501602Not Available$750.00Click here
0 BUTLER Memphis, TN 005025000000501602Not Available$4,960.00Click here
0 MCLEMORE Memphis, TN 013014000000101602Not Available$16,560.00Click here
0 THIRD Memphis, TN 013014000000601602Not Available$31,360.00Click here
0 THIRD Memphis, TN 013014000000901602Not Available$12,360.00Click here
1169 3RD Memphis, TN 013014000001001602Not Available$47,680.00Click here
289 SIMPSON Memphis, TN 013024000000701602Not Available$750.00Click here
241 SIMPSON Memphis, TN 013025000000201602Not Available$4,725.00Click here
242 MCLEMORE Memphis, TN 013030000001101602Not Available$15,600.00Click here
927 LATHAM Memphis, TN 013033000001101602Not Available$21,240.00Click here
276 ALSTON Memphis, TN 013035000001601602Not Available$5,450.00Click here
251 VIRGINIA Memphis, TN 013036000002001602Not Available$2,560.00Click here
1113 FOURTH Memphis, TN 013048000000701602Not Available$4,600.00Click here
0 SIMPSON Memphis, TN 013050000003801602Not Available$750.00Click here
310 LUCY Memphis, TN 013052000006201602Not Available$3,825.00Click here
410 CAMBRIDGE Memphis, TN 013054000003101602Not Available$12,425.00Click here
0 MISSISSIPPI Memphis, TN 014026000001301602Not Available$3,200.00Click here
1348 MISSISSIPPI Memphis, TN 0140350000013C1602Not Available$775.00Click here
936 RAYNER Memphis, TN 0150270000025C1602Not Available$41,240.00Click here
982 JACKSON Memphis, TN 0210120000014C1602Not Available$54,640.00Click here
971 FAXON Memphis, TN 021017000001201602Not Available$8,675.00Click here
975 FAXON Memphis, TN 021017000001301602Not Available$8,575.00Click here
991 FAXON Memphis, TN 021017000001601602Not Available$7,850.00Click here
840 CROCKETT Memphis, TN 021040000006201602Not Available$5,650.00Click here
1008 LOONEY Memphis, TN 021042000002701602Not Available$750.00Click here
1021 LEWIS Memphis, TN 021047000001601602Not Available$6,450.00Click here
1189 BREEDLOVE Memphis, TN 021050000000301602Not Available$105,400.00Click here
1328 EMPIRE Memphis, TN 021058000001801602Not Available$750.00Click here

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** Assessment value is provided by the Assessor of Property for purposes of real property tax calculation. The Trustee in no way certifies said assessment as an indicator of market value. For more assessment information, visit the Assessor's web site at
* Description of the property should be obtained by referencing the legal description on the deed of transfer. Property location and picture are not part of the legal description, and should not be relied upon as a representation of the property.