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Property LocationParcel No#Tax SaleMinimum BidAssessmentRegister GIS
0 WALNUT Memphis, TN 011039000001701503(Sale Complete)Not Available$4,200.00Click here
1407 S WELLINGTON Memphis, TN 013065000001301503(Sale Complete)Not Available$5,400.00Click here
889 FERRY Memphis, TN 014017000000201503(Sale Complete)Not Available$875.00Click here
772 EDITH Memphis, TN 014023000007501503(Sale Complete)Not Available$875.00Click here
1298 GAITHER Memphis, TN 014032000002701503(Sale Complete)Not Available$775.00Click here
91 N BELVEDERE Memphis, TN 0170380B0001101503(Sale Complete)Not Available$4,800.00Click here
668 AYERS Memphis, TN 021013000005301503(Sale Complete)Not Available$8,550.00Click here
994 FAXON Memphis, TN 021016000000801503(Sale Complete)Not Available$7,225.00Click here
1074 DECATUR Memphis, TN 021050000004701503(Sale Complete)Not Available$2,150.00Click here
1064 N CLAYBROOK Memphis, TN 021068000001201503(Sale Complete)Not Available$1,125.00Click here
927 OLYMPIC Memphis, TN 021080000001001503(Sale Complete)Not Available$10,960.00Click here
1208 KEEL Memphis, TN 021083000004601503(Sale Complete)Not Available$4,700.00Click here
1187 SNOWDEN Memphis, TN 021094000000101503(Sale Complete)Not Available$7,600.00Click here
833 SPEED Memphis, TN 021109000001201503(Sale Complete)Not Available$2,125.00Click here
1017 SPEED Memphis, TN 021117000000801503(Sale Complete)Not Available$3,525.00Click here
989 RANDLE Memphis, TN 021118000001401503(Sale Complete)Not Available$1,350.00Click here
271 CALDWELL Memphis, TN 022022000000901503(Sale Complete)Not Available$350.00Click here
125 E UTAH Memphis, TN 024056000001401503(Sale Complete)Not Available$450.00Click here
0 FARROW Memphis, TN 024057000001401503(Sale Complete)Not Available$475.00Click here
0 FARROW Memphis, TN 024057000001501503(Sale Complete)Not Available$475.00Click here
127 LUCY Memphis, TN 024058000001301503(Sale Complete)Not Available$450.00Click here
0 E MCLEMORE Memphis, TN 024060000000601503(Sale Complete)Not Available$475.00Click here
0 E MCLEMORE Memphis, TN 024060000000701503(Sale Complete)Not Available$450.00Click here
0 E MCLEMORE Memphis, TN 024060000000801503(Sale Complete)Not Available$450.00Click here
0 E MCLEMORE Memphis, TN 024060000000901503(Sale Complete)Not Available$450.00Click here
0 E MCLEMORE Memphis, TN 024060000001001503(Sale Complete)Not Available$500.00Click here
0 MCLEMORE Memphis, TN 024060000001101503(Sale Complete)Not Available$425.00Click here
0 MCLEMORE Memphis, TN 024060000001201503(Sale Complete)Not Available$450.00Click here
572 ALSTON Memphis, TN 025006000002401503(Sale Complete)Not Available$875.00Click here
0 ALSTON Memphis, TN 025006000002501503(Sale Complete)Not Available$875.00Click here

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** Assessment value is provided by the Assessor of Property for purposes of real property tax calculation. The Trustee in no way certifies said assessment as an indicator of market value. For more assessment information, visit the Assessor's web site at
* Description of the property should be obtained by referencing the legal description on the deed of transfer. Property location and picture are not part of the legal description, and should not be relied upon as a representation of the property.